Hair Story

In my duration of time on Instagram I’ve had a total of 9 different colours, and that’s not including the various shades it was when i was 16. I want to show you guys the history of my hair from my natural locks and how i achieved each bright colour.

Starting with my most natural hair; I am a ginger!

When I was about 16 I dyed the ends of my hair pink. I’m pretty sure my mum did this for me using box bleach and stargazer magenta hair dye.

I had some hair disasters between this however I think I must have burned all the photos because I can’t find any of my black (or accidentally green) and pink ‘coontails’ or my backcombed to the ceiling purple hair. So I’ll just skip to the ‘good’ bit.

Bear in mind I had super long wavy ginger hair pretty much my whole life up until the summer of 2015. That was the summer I thought that it would be a great idea to cut all of my hair off and go for some kind of pixie cut.

Here is my hair shortly before the drastic cut.

and after.

From super long to super short. Do I regret it? Not really. A little bit. I’d quite like long hair now but I knew I would want a drastic hair cut at some point and at 18 and a fresh out gay it seemed like a good time to do it.  I started growing it out straight away, not because I hated how it looked but just because I liked doing my hair and there wasn’t enough hair there to play with so I got bored of it pretty quickly. Plus I hate going to the hair dresser frequently (the reason most of my hair styles are a one time thing that grow out in a month).

So the growing out process commenced and it got ugly, mullet ugly. Once I passed that awkward stage I cut a super short fringe in and bleached half of that fringe blonde. Not sure why, but I guess it looked cute. This was around Christmas 2015.


Once it continued to get longer and more into a bob (spring/summer 2016) I dyed the ends bright pink using directions vol 30 bleach kit (this became the bleach I always use) and directions carnation pink.

I really loved this but continued to grow it and I was waiting for the right time to dye my hair all over pink.

In June 2016 I dyed my hair all over pink. My mum and I did this just with directions vol 30 bleach and carnation pink (left) it was pretty patchy and faded to peach super quick so one of my friends who is amazing at dying hair helped me out the second time to even it out and went over it with directions rose red diluted with conditioner and also gave me lilac/purple roots (right).


Queue me going hair dye mad. This was the first time I bleached my whole head and was able to dye it with semi dyes. After about a month of being pink I decided to go all over purple since I loved having purple roots so much.

For this colour I used a concoction of directions Plum and Rose red along with diluting it with conditioner. As you can tell directions is my favourite brand of hair dye, they’re the most readily available to me, cheapest, last the best and are the most true to colour. I can’t remember the exact ratio for this as I tend to just eye ball it but it was more plum dye than rose red and more concentrated at the roots with more diluted dye towards the ends.


I kept the purple colour until September 2016. Then I went blue which is the colour of hair I have had for the longest and also the hair colour most of you guys know me for. I had this for 6 months. The first shade of blue I went had bits of turquoise green through out and then i just went all over blue once that faded.

This colour was achieved by using directions midnight blue, turquoise and alpine green. From what I remember turquoise and alpine were mixed and put on the under layer of my hair and in my fringe and then the rest of my hair was a mixture of midnight blue and turquoise mixed with a bit of conditioner.

Once it fades I get a bit lazy so just topped it up with straight up midnight blue and conditioner. This is probably my most favourite hair colour I’ve had. However if you are wanting to dye you hair blue please be aware that it does NOT come out easily. I didn’t really stay blue for so long by choice, the pigment really stains you hair which is why it stays in for so long and you are not really able to get it out without bleaching and damaging you hair again. I will probably go blue again in the future though because I did really like it and apparently I don’t learn from my hair mistakes.

In the middle of being blue I thought I’d try out green. For this I used Arctic Fox phantom green, iris green and a little bit of Transylvania. Nothing against the hair dye itself, I just really did not suit it, made me look a but ill and was way too dark a hair colour for my skin tone. Needless to say I didn’t keep it for long and just went straight back to midnight blue directions asap.


Now for the real mission. A lot of people have been asking me how I managed to get the blue out of my hair as I mentioned before it is a devil to get out. There is no easy way and it does really depend on your hair, I tried just about every home remedy for this but the only thing that really worked was bleach bathing it twice. Before I went for the bleach I did the following;

  • vitamin C treatment; there are a lot of videos on youtube showing  how to do this.
  • washing it with anti-dandruff shampoo daily
  • colour removers (turns out these don’t work on fashion colours)
  • then the bleach bathing which consisted of a mixture of bleach, conditioner, shampoo and a splash of olive oil. There are various ratios online and different ways to do this. I just eye balled it (obviously I don’t recommend this and I am not a hairdresser but I am just saying what worked for me).

Once I had done all this my hair was left a very very light green/white colour. Over top of this i put directions rose red mixed with conditioner. This made my hair go bright pink with magenta/purple ends by accident because of the light greens and blues that were staining my hair. Once it faded out a bit I was left with some kind of unicorn hair which looked nice in photos but in real life it was patchy and a bit green in parts.

I only had this for a couple of weeks, mainly because of my favourite red jumper I was no longer able to wear due to the clash of my hair. So began the mission to go bright ginger, the most natural I had been in a year.


Once my hair had faded to funny looking pastel vomit, I went over the top of it with Adore Cajun Spice. Going by the colour wheel, green and blue are the polar opposite of red/orange. I had read that this means the red should cancel out the funkiness in my hair, and that it did. The dye made my hair go a vibrant red ginger which faded to more of a orangey ginger. I favoured the orange ginger over the red so once it began to fade more I topped it up with a mix of Adore French Cognac and Directions mandarin.

That’s how I’ll stay. For now anyway, until I get bored again.. which didn’t take long because I cut my fringe back in on a whim with a pair of kitchen scissors.  I hope this has been somewhat useful. If you’re going to dye your hair as much as me without a hairdresser I highly recommend buying a jar of pure coconut oil and sleeping with it in your hair like a mask at least once a week. Also just another disclaimer; I don’t know anything about hair, I’m just here for a good time.






Motel Rocks

Recently I was lucky enough to collab with the brand Motel Rocks. I’ve been a huge fan of their clothing for years (dating back to my faux leather jacket I got from them when I was 16) so when they contacted me about a collaboration I was delighted. You’ve probably seen these images on my Instagram already, however now I’ve just finished university for summer I finally have time to start up the blog I’ve been saying I’d do for yonks.

17622789_10155130572747521_57385636_o17571427_1793941554259341_1415368099_oWearing the ‘belle black bodice in net rose’ from motel with a black slip dress

Wearing ‘Ether long sleeve top in gold glitter on net’ by motel with topshop mom jeans & metal mesh western belt


photos & edit; Kellsey Morris